About Us

Welcome to Unfortunate Cadaver, your gateway to the world of the bizarre and extraordinary!

As purveyors of oddities, bone jewelry, and other curiosities, we invite you to indulge your curiosity and explore the strange and beautiful treasures we have to offer.


Located in the charming town of Lakewood, Ohio, Unfortunate Cadaver is a one-of-a-kind business that celebrates the allure of the peculiar and the unconventional. While we may not have a physical location just yet, our online presence allows us to share our collection of rare and fascinating artifacts with curious minds from around the world.


At Unfortunate Cadaver, we understand that there is beauty in the unconventional. Our mission is to curate a selection of peculiar objects that spark intrigue, inspire wonder, and challenge the boundaries of what is considered ordinary.

Whether you're an avid collector, a lover of the macabre, or simply someone seeking a unique conversation piece, our carefully curated range of oddities will captivate your imagination.


Our inventory showcases an eclectic array of curiosities, including bone jewelry crafted with exquisite artistry, antique medical instruments that whisper stories of a bygone era, and mysterious artifacts that hold the secrets of the past. Each item has been handpicked for its rarity, craftsmanship, and ability to ignite curiosity in those who encounter it.


At Unfortunate Cadaver, we are more than just a shop; we are a community of like-minded individuals who appreciate the allure of the strange and unusual. We aim to foster a sense of wonder and exploration, inviting our customers to delve into the hidden realms of the extraordinary.


Whether you're browsing our online store, seeking a statement piece for your personal collection, or searching for a unique gift for someone special, Unfortunate Cadaver is here to guide you on a journey of discovery. We believe that embracing the oddities of the world enriches our lives and expands our perspectives.


Join us in embracing the extraordinary at Unfortunate Cadaver. We invite you to step into a realm where curiosity knows no bounds and where the beauty of the peculiar awaits.