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Unfortunate Cadaver

Oddity Mystery Box

Oddity Mystery Box

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Our mystery boxes are a great way to jumpstart your oddity collection, or even to add on to an existing collection!

Mystery Box finds and curiosities can include:

Human Teeth/Hair/Cremains
Animal Bones
Animal Skulls
Animal Claws
Animal Teeth
Animal Pelts
Diaphonized Specimens
Preserved Animal Parts
Metal Trinkets
Esoteric Items
Wood Items
Sea Glass and/or Shells
Vintage Game Pieces/Dominoes/Dice
Vintage Trinkets
Antique Photographs
Wet Specimens
Terrarium Vials
Small Vials of items
Handmade Candles/Wax Melts
And/or other cool finds!

******Photos are only examples of what could be included with your box. It is not a guarantee that your purchase will include the exact items pictured!******

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